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Creating A Safe, Positive Environment For Students

As a parent, it is frustrating to know that your child is facing a conflict at school. Because you are not with them during the day, it can be hard to protect them against unfair treatment.

If you suspect that your child has a legal issue involving their teachers or school administration, contact Gregory Smith, Esq. As a former Connecticut teacher, Greg Smith is dedicated to reaching justice for students and keeping them safe.

Protecting Your Students’ Rights

Mr. Smith works with students and their parents to resolve several types of legal matters, including:

  • Discrimination: Federal laws protect students in public schools and colleges against discrimination. Schools cannot treat students differently simply due to disability, race, sex, ethnicity or national origin.
  • Disabilities and 504 plans: Unfortunately, officials do not always fairly carry out 504 plans, which contain reasonable accommodations for a student’s disability. When teachers or staff members treat a student poorly or unfairly due to their need for accommodations, they are violating that student’s constitutional rights.
  • Disciplinary actions: In school and college handbooks, officials must publish the procedures they will follow when seeking to impose discipline. Students have a right to rely on fair application of those procedures.
  • Sexual harassment claims: When officials fail to follow the procedure in investigating sexual harassment, they violate students’ Fourteenth Amendment right to due process.
  • Student records: Students have a right to privacy at school. What they say and do falls under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Even after the student graduates, officials must keep certain information private and recorded. Families have a right to view these records.
  • Student safety: Schools have a duty to keep students safe from harm. Often, bullying from other students or teachers could be the source of potential harm.

Students deserve a safe learning environment with school leaders who treat them fairly. Mr. Smith is ready to help you and your child hold officials accountable for any discriminatory acts and rights violations in federal court.

Learn Ways To Keep Your Child Secure

As a lawyer for students’ rights, Greg Smith will take your case seriously. Even if school officials will not listen to you, he will. Call 413-822-3040 or email the Norwalk office for a confidential consultation.