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Education Law Counsel From A Former Teacher

Teachers have a unique job with a unique employment structure. However, you have many of the same rights as any other type of worker. State and federal laws, as well as collective bargaining agreements, affect many aspects of teachers’ employment.

As a former teacher, Greg Smith understands the complex nature of your role. Whether you need an advocate for your employment terms, working conditions, public records or an investigation, he can represent and guide you.

Standing Up For Teachers Against Discrimination

Teachers who have disabilities have legal protections. If you believe your employer has refused to reasonably accommodate your disability, contact Greg Smith. Your school district may have to change your schedule, duties or workplace if you provide medical proof.

Know Your Rights Regarding Suspension And Termination

Connecticut’s Teacher Tenure Act can affect your career, which is why it is vital to understand how it functions. Superintendents can suspend a teacher without pursuing due process for either discipline or termination. The act authorizes immediate suspension for serious misconduct.

A school may terminate a tenured employee for one of the six reasons, including:

  • Moral misconduct
  • Incompetence
  • Insubordination
  • Disability
  • Elimination of the position
  • Another “due and sufficient cause,” which can vary depending on the situation

As a teacher, it is essential to know that school administrators and superintendents are following due process without violating your rights. Mr. Smith can explain your rights and pay entitlements for your specific case.

Title IX Sexual Harassment Investigations

In cases of sexual harassment allegations against a teacher, due process requires following Title IX fairly and equitably. The school must prove harassment through substantial evidence. That means, for example, that the school must corroborate the complainant’s accusations and show that any touching was unwelcome.

In a predisciplinary hearing, the superintendent will investigate whether the teacher has committed certain behaviors. This hearing gives the teacher a chance to respond with their own evidence and witnesses. A skilled lawyer can check the fairness of who the investigator does or does not interview, what chances they give the teacher to answer the charges and other important considerations.

If you are under investigation, it is advisable to speak with a lawyer early in your case. Mr. Smith can work to seek a fair process.

Protect Your Career As An Educator

As your attorney, Greg Smith can help you overcome challenges to your teaching career. Call 413-822-3040 or email the firm. Mr. Smith advises clients in Norwalk and across Connecticut.