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Criminal Defense

In the last five years, Norwalk criminal defense attorney Gregory Smith, Esq., has defended 75 clients for over two dozen types of infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. He has appeared for them in the Superior Court in Norwalk, Stamford, Danbury, Waterbury, Middletown, Milford, New Milford and Torrington.

Attorney Smith represents his clients at all stages of a criminal case, from arraignment through pretrial negotiations to trial.

In Danbury he takes cases as a private criminal defense attorney representing defendants as a special public defender – assigned counsel.

Attorney Smith also represents minors in Juvenile Court. Unless the juvenile has a history of violence, the Court will almost always send the minor and his case to probation for supervision by its one of its officers.

Gregory Smith’s clients have faced charges for assault.

One difference between misdemeanor and felony assault is the sentence. Misdemeanor assault carries a penalty of up to one year in jail, felony assault, more than a year.

A second difference is the state of mind. A person commits a misdemeanor when they intentionally injure another. A person commits a felony when they intentionally injure another and it causes serious injury. Whether the injury is serious will be up to the court to decide.

Even without intent a person can commit assault. Misdemeanor assault can be recklessness that causes serious injury or carelessness that injures with a weapon or dangerous instrument. Felony assault can be recklessness that seriously injures with a weapon.

Smith has also represented clients with charges of:

In Connecticut a misdemeanor is any crime for which the court can sentence a defendant for up to a year in prison. Felonies are crimes for which the sentence can be more than a year. The state breaks down both misdemeanors and felonies into classes, A, B, C, etc.

If you or a love one has been accused of a crime, or if you think you will need the services of a criminal lawyer, call Gregory Smith, Esq. In your first meeting, he will not charge you to talk about the facts and how he might help. He can represent you in the court in Norwalk, Stamford, Danbury or any other town in Connecticut.